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Appreciate has had several changes this week with the release of patch 4.0. Riot Games, the developers, also introduced a new agent called Neon, added some map and weapon modifications, and even changed the rank playback requirements. However, one change that was originally reported in patch notes for the 4.0 update doesn’t seem to be in the game yet.

Posted by the official Twitter account from Appreciate, the melee adjustment, designed to be in the game after patch 4.0, didn’t make it in. Terror Games hasn’t mentioned the reason for omitting the officially mentioned change in patch notes, but best guess is that they want to experience the modifications a bit more before making them live.

As per the patch notes, the melee adjustment was going to change the way the knife behaved in the game, by increasing the hit box and also the knife’s hit range. Regardless, Appreciate players won’t have to wait for the change to be available in the game for too long, as Riot Game has mentioned that the melee adjustment will be added to the game with patch 4.01, which is due out next week.

It will be interesting to see how the intended melee modification will change the meta of the game, as the gun changes from patch 4.0 are already changing how the game is played.


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