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God of War (2018) out today on PC courtesy of SIE Santa Monica and Jetpack Interactive, bringing several new features such as unlocked frames and ultrawide monitor support. However, it also adds some nice accessibility features that could carry over to future projects. UX and accessibility leader Mila Pavlin said PC Player that, “This really laid some groundwork in the background.”

“Many accessibility features require you to change your pipeline of how you create content. [The PC port] allow us to go back in and look again at how we were actually building some of the basic code. ” One example is adding an auto-sprint in the PC version where the player can adjust a certain amount of time that Kratos will move in a direction before sprinting.

“Working on things like keyboard re-mapping allows us to really look at how that pipeline operates overall, and continue that through all of our SMS. [Santa Monica Studio] product. So that will help us build a better base to work on in future products, ”said Pavlin.

Senior technical producer Matt DeWald also said, “PC is just a small piece of what we want to do for accessibility. Those are the things we could easily do without going back and re-writing content. But to Mila’s point, accessibility is very important to us. And we want to try to make sure we can support as much as we can. So there are some big plans. ”

So even though nothing has been confirmed for it God of War Ragnarok just yet, the developer is committed to expanding accessibility. As it stands, Sony’s first-party titles have been doing very well in that regard especially The Last of Us Part 2 a Ratchet and Clank. The next God of war is currently due to release this year for PS4 and PS5. However, a release window has not been revealed so look out for updates in the coming months.


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