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While it doesn’t have the lightest disclosures, Square Enix and Team Ninja are forthcoming Paradise Stranger: The Origins of Final Fantasy now there’s a lot of hype and excitement about its release. Although some details of the game remain to be revealed, we now know how much it will weigh in size when launching the PS5.

According to PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, The Origin of a Final Fantasy Alien from Paradise comes in at a download size of about 71.505 GB. A point worth noting is that this has no day one nappies. The game preload will unlock on March 13 and pre-order players will get their 3-day early entry period starting March 15. The Origin of a Final Fantasy Alien from Paradise releases worldwide on March 18th.

Game producer Jin Fujiwara has said that the action RPG is virtually another iteration of Final Fantasy 1, as announced in a recent PlayStation blog – read more about that here.


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