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Grinding Gear Games has announced the reveal for Exile route next big expansion. Patch 3.17 will be on display January 27th at 11 AM PST on Twitch and releases on February 4th (PST) for PC. Take a look at the latest trailer that teases the arrival of “They.”

Based on the events of Echoes of the Atlas, which introduced The Maven as the end of a new game boss, it seems that other Eldritch people are on the way. Given that she is essentially a child in temperament and poses the toughest challenge in the game, it remains to be seen how difficult the new boss will be.

The release of a new endgame expansion usually coincides with a new Alliance that adds its own mechanics and rewards along with new Skill Gems, raiding and quality of life improvements. Of course, one is also likely to expect nerfs for various Ascent and skill, as was the case Exile route way. Look out for more details on all of this in the coming weeks.


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