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Remember that reboot of The Settlers which Ubisoft was working on? Well, it’s coming and much faster than expected. In a new gameplay trailer, it’s confirmed to be releasing on March 17th for PC via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store. Check it out below.

Simply named The Settlers, this is a reboot that combines the series exploration, expansion and extinction formula with new images (courtesy of Snowdrop Engine). You will still manage infrastructure and build cities but you will also have to invest in armies and war with others. Along with the campaign, there is a Tutorial and Fight Mode that offers various challenges.

There are three factions – the Elari, Maru and Jorn – each with its own unique look and background and a dedicated military unit. Multiplayer provides support for up to eight conflict players, either against other players or the AI. Other unique new features include landmarks that have different requirements and provide rewards like more goods and units plus various biomes that one has to adapt to.

Pre-registrations are for the upcoming closed beta live – head here to learn more and stay tuned for more details on the way to launch.


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