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Sony Santa Monica, the developers behind the 2018 bestselling campaign God of War, the game’s PC port was recently thrown into some positive reviews. In an interview with Sports Information, God of War Creative director Cory Barlog talked about what went behind-the-scenes to get the PC port greenlighted by execs through the Sony hierarchy.

Barlog said it was an effort by the entire room team coming together, and encouraged Sony to do this. He said Sony finally gave up when it came to a sign with all the advice they got from the rooms, which eventually got the project started.

“I think the combination of said rooms is a very good idea. We have to look at this,” he said. “In the end, I think it got to that scary point. When we sent out a lot of advice box advice like, ‘I’m tired of hearing all this stuff. All right, we’ll do this. ‘”

“It’s a process. We are still testing as a company and as individual research labs on how to do this and what the process and plans will be, ”Barlog added.

Sony has been making significant investments in putting its IPs on the PC, most recently with its acquisition of Nixxess Software – a company specializing in bringing gaming consoles to the PC. In the last two years, we’ve seen games like that It’s been a long time, Horizon Zero Dawn, and again God of War ma Non -disclosure come to the PC, and given how the cost of development has continued from generation to generation, it probably won’t be long until Sony adopts a similar approach to devices like the Xbox.


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