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The overlap between the Japanese company SNK and Capcom is legendary, especially among fans of fighting games. Considered the leading rival companies in the development of the fighting game, both companies would shake hands to create a variety of crossing games throughout the 90s (this piece by Polygon covers the history quite well), and while the crossover fighting games have proven love and fanfare over the years, the same cannot be said for the other projects under the series versus series.

Well, it seems both companies are ready to change that, as SNK recently revealed that they are bringing back the classic NeoGeo Pocket Color card fighting game. S.NK VS. Capcom: Card Fighter Clash. The game was created in collaboration with Capcom back in 1999 for NeoGeo Pocket Color. The re-release is coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and will include the SNK card fighter version and the Capcom card fighter version in one single game. Apart from that, the trailer for the game says that 300 cards in total can be collected, and a snapshot of the gameplay is shown.

The game is currently available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch. SNK previously released the NeoGeo combat game Pocket Color CapK’s SNK VS: The Millennium Game for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Perhaps, we may see another full crossover fighting game from both the companies at some point in the future.


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