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Killer Instinct Reboot Might be in the Works at Bandai Namco – Rumour

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Fans of Microsoft’s beloved fighting series Killer instinct has been seeking a new application for some time, but although it has passed since we last saw activity in that area, recent developments have suggested that not all hope may be lost. Shortly after Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggested it Killer instinct he could come back one day, leaks claimed a new game in the series was under active development.

What was not revealed, however, was who exactly is working on the game – though we may have a clearer idea of ​​that. In a recently published article on Windows Central, journalist Jez Corden said he heard “the foggy of unfounded rumors ”that Bandai Namco could be part of a new one Killer instinct the development of the game.

As vague and baseless as the rumor may be, Bandai Namco would be a solid choice for the game, given their expertise in the genre, with people like Soulcalibur, Tekken, a Super Smash Bros Ultimate under their belt. Yet, this is the kind of rum you take with a healthy amount of salt, so be sure to do so.

However, we will be keeping an eye out for more details, so keep an eye out for any updates.

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