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Sony’s presence in the PC gaming space has expanded tremendously in the last two years, and it looks like that won’t change in the near future. When it was over Horizon Zero Dawn ma It’s been a long time, 2018’s God of War the latest PlayStation only gets a PC box, while Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection adjacent to the line.

God of War especially since there is clearly interest in success on the platform (and it should), leading many to wonder if its upcoming series will be released eventually for PC. The question posed by Sports Information at 2018 gaming creator Cory Barlog- says nothing is right now, and Sony is making a gaming console when it comes to the green PC ports.

“I have no idea,” Barlog said. “Right now, we’re doing each game at a time, looking at each one and deciding, ‘Okay, that’s the best.’ And we’re going to measure how. Do people like it? Did we do it right? Did we do something wrong? What can we do better in the future if we do this again? But in the end date, finally, is Sony’s choice.

In the same interview, Barlog also talked about how the first group of PlayStation studios Sony has installed green PC ports for PS4-specific titles, hopefully continuing.

Interestingly, it looks like Jetpack Interactive – the developer was in control God of War PC ports – it works God of War Ragnarok also, there is a chance they could work on bringing the game to the PC.

Meanwhile, God of War Ragnarok is set to launch later this year for PS5 and PS4.


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