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The action RPG/farming sim is out on March 22nd for the Nintendo Switch in North America, and adds new link attacks and co-op cooking.

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Rune 4 Special Factory release on current gen and Steam platforms to close 2021 but there’s even more for fans to look forward to. Rune 5 Factory is out in March for the West, and XSEED Games and Marvelous Europe have released a brand new trailer highlighting the story. Check it out below.

As a memory-loss hero, players find themselves in a new town and join SEED, which maintains the peace. As well as helping villagers, fighting monsters or taking expeditions, someone will also enjoy farming, fishing, mining and much more. Rune 5 Factory develops the series further by introducing contact attacks for combat, co-op cooking and the option for same-sex marriage.

There is much to explore, be it ancient ruins, forests or volcanoes to calm the darkness ahead. Rune 5 Factory already available in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and releases on March 22nd in North America.

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