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Criterion Games’ first new Need for Speed game in a while will supposedly launch later this year, according to an insider.

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EA announced almost two years ago that it is taking over the development of Needed for Speed ban from Ghost Games and return to Criterion. Later that year, the publisher confirmed that the plan at the time was to launch the game sometime before April 2022, despite the fact, and Criterion was brought in. that period helps to end. That 2042’s development, the other Needed for Speed the game was eventually pushed back.

EA hasn’t said anything about the race schedule since then, but that looks likely to change soon. Taken on Twitter, insider and author Tom Henderson recently mentioned the other Needed for Speed the game will be launched in September or October, later this year.

It’s been a while since last time Needed for Speed the game came, that guy Needed for High Heat in 2019, but the question is whether Criterion will be able to complete development of their game by the end of the year, especially considering it should take more time to provide assistance to DICE’s shooter .

If it’s being announced this year, we should probably hear something official from EA about it in the coming months.

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