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Weird West Trailer Showcases Combat and Stealth Abilities

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WolfEye Studios and Devolver Digital have released a new trailer for Weird West, the action RPG / immersive sim set in a supernatural Wild West setting. It sees creative director Raphaël Colantonio considering the many different abilities that players can use, whether they seek direct confrontation or sneaking. Check it out below.

Along with the ability to aim at pretty much anything, players can create fire in a radius around them and burn enemies. If guns are your go-to, then there’s also the ability for simultaneously firing at multiple foes. If stealth is more important, then it is possible to go invisible (or even create a decoy that can draw aggro while you slink away), knock out enemies and much more.

In short, the game encourages you to play the way you want and hopefully survive in the process. Weird West is out on March 31st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will also be available for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on day one.

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