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A Californian bakery shop seemingly leaks the render for upcoming character Baiken, while announcing a collaboration with the game on their website.

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Over the past month, Arc System Works unveiled one of the future characters for their war game. Condemn Gear Attempt ma Baiken. Revealed in December, Baken announced to join the list this month. Unlike the original rider, not much was revealed. Well, it seems to be changing, courtesy of the league from the cake shop website, all the places.

Expressed by Guilty Gear subreddit, it looks like the Californian bakery Honey & Butter will be doing a partnership with Condemn Gear Attempt soon, and apparently, they’ve unveiled the show for the five -handed female samurai ahead of the game which is available this month. The translation shows the Baken is all upgraded to the new engine Condemn Gear Attempt, experiencing unique changes but welcoming them into its character design. Check it out below.

The attitude is there since it was taken down by Honey & Butter, maybe the league looks right. For now, all we can do is wait for the official launch from Arc System Works to drop.

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