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The cover athlete for this year’s entry in Sony’s baseball sim entry will be revealed soon, which means a full-fledged reveal of the game shouldn’t be too far away either.

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MLB The Show games are generally announced in the first couple of months of every year ahead of a March launch (though MLB The Show 21 did slip into April). This year’s entry in the annual baseball sim franchise is going to follow a similar pattern.

Soon, in fact, we’re going to start learning new details about it. More specifically, Sony recently took to Twitter via the series’ official page to confirm that the cover athlete for MLB The Show 22 will be revealed this Monday, January 31. That means we can probably expect a full-fledged reveal and details on the game to arrive not long afterward, as well as concrete word on when it’ll be out.

Like last year’s game, MLB The Show 22 will also launch for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One alongside PS5 and PS4. The question, of course, is if it will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and also launch on Xbox Game Pass day 1. Given the fact that that’s a decision that lies with the MLB, not Sony, there’s a chance that that happens again this year . It certainly worked out well for MLB The Show 21, so there’s no reason to change things up with this year’s game.

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