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Big Team Battle has seen better days in Infinite Halo. The 24 players have faced issues since last month. Despite 343 Industries releasing a hotfix, many players have reported little improvement. In a new update on the Hello forumssenior community manager John Junyszek reported that the team would deploy another hotfix by February 3rd at the earliest.

“Using the telemetry we received from the hotfix on January 19, we were able to make a new build with the update that we believe should address the core issue impacting the BTB playlist. The studio ran a successful playtest today and plans to send it off for certification on Monday. After it’s sent off, it will take some time to get through the certification process and find out if it’s approved.

“Once it’s approved, we’ll start preparing to release it to the public. Since there’s still a little more of the internal release process to go through, the earliest we’d expect this hotfix to land would be next Thursday, February 3. ” Of course, whether or not this will finally fix the issues or remain to be seen. Other changes are also incoming, specifically to the in-game shop, but they won’t be immediate.

Junyszek reported that players wanted the option to purchase some items separately from their bundles. “This is not something the Shop supports right now and we are looking at how we can better meet the needs and expectations. Through the rest of Season 1, our focus is to provide players with better offerings and bundles to help players get the customization they would have without having to buy larger bundles. ” He also confirmed that the popular Purrfect Audio helmet attachment would be making a return.

Fortunately, it seems that the team will apply lessons learned from Season 1 to “positively impact Season 2 right off the bat.” Season 2 is best set to go live in May 2022 and its Battle Pass will allow players to earn Credits as they rank up. Along with lowering in-game shop prices, this should allow more players to purchase cosmetics without shelling out extra cash on top.

Infinite Halo is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Additional details on features like co-op campaign


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