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A new limited time mode, new cosmetics, a brand new Legend and the battle royale title’s third anniversary celebration are all coming up.

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Respawn Entertainment is preparing for Apex Legends: Season 12, called Defiance after Mad Maggie joins the Apex Games. Along with its combat in a damaged version of Olympus, players can also take part in the new 9v9 limited-time mode Control. Check it out below.

Management sees two teams battling to occupy three key points on the map (much like Hardpoint in Call of Duty). Manage the points, build up points and fight your opponents in the process. The mode offers respawns for killed players to get back into the game quickly. As for Mad Maggie, her abilities are briefly demonstrated, from a device that fires through a flame-coated to a bouncing bomb that releases smaller cluster bombs.

Olympus has also changed with several buildings being teleported to different locations, rearranging the map structure. Alongside all of this are the new Battle Pass, the shooter’s three-year celebration (which provides free prizes) and the 3rd Anniversary Collection Event that offers several new skins. Season 12: Defeat starting February 8th – look out for more details in the coming week.

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