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League of Legends Reveals New Support Champion Renata Glasc

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This has been a busy year for the Riot Games in terms of League of legends. With the release of the new ADC champion Zeri a few weeks ago, things have shaken up in the world of Runeterra. It looks like the developers haven’t done things yet, though, as they officially unveiled their next MOBA promoter recently.

Named Renata Glasc, she hails from Zaun, just like Zeri. However, Renata is a Baroness of Chemistry, and her abilities revolve around her Runeterra status. The new character was unveiled through a new champion trailer showcasing his opponents play kit on various lanes.

The upcoming promoter will be primarily in the support role if the abilities shown in the trailer are anything to go by. In one scenario, Renata is shown resurrecting one of the champions for a while, where that champion deals damage to an opponent, which also improves a completely revitalized alliance if they can pull an opponent in that condition . Similarly, Renata can shadow allies and slow down opponents, and eventually sends the enemy team into a frenzy.

It is proposed to add Renata with fragment 12.4, viz scheduled for release on February 14. Riot Games also unveiled the Renata ability kit through their official website. Obviously, she’s preparing to be a game-changing support character League of legends, at least if proper coordination between players is maintained.

Check out the new trailer presenting Renata for League of legends down below.

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