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The Anacrusis Crosses 200,000 Players in First Week, Dev Praises Game Pass for Launch Success

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Bombay’s Stray Developer The Anacrusis recently released to a lukewarm critical critical reception, though his critical reception seems not to have dictated his fan acceptance. The co-op shooter has enjoyed a pretty solid launch, having brought in over 200,000 players in its first week.

In a recent statement given to NME, studio co-founder Chet Faliszek also praised Xbox Game Pass for this launch success. He also touched on the game’s roadmap for the near future, noting that the team is working on making more game content and adding features like mod support and “Challenge Track”.

“Seeing the community jump in first the Anacrusis in this first week has been great. We’ve seen a huge surge in players from Game Pass and lots of positive reactions from PC fans as well. We have a lot of work ahead of us and all the feedback that has come in has been greatly appreciated. We continue to create more game content and refine what’s there as we work on new features like mod support and the upcoming Challenge Track, ”said Failszek.

Hopefully these changes will help bring improvements to the game. The Anacrusis currently available in early access on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

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