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PlatinumGames Wants to Discuss Scalebound Revival with Microsoft

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The cancellation of PlatinumGames and Microsoft’s dragon-fueled action title Scalebound is one that stings to this day. The PlatinumGames with a track record could have combined in something special, and there are many that will revive it in some way, shape, or form down the road.

It seems PlatinumGames itself hasn’t given up hopes of that happening either. Speaking in an interview with IGN Japanthe studio’s CEO Atsushi Inaba said there’s still a childhood of interest in Scalebound at the company, especially with Hideki Kamya, who was going to be the original game’s director. He then added that they would like to have a “proper discussion with Microsoft” about the same.

“Kamiya has always wanted to do Scalebound. So we’d like to have a proper discussion with Microsoft, ”Inaba said (translated by VGC).

Meanwhile, Kamiya himself cheekily shot Xbox boss Phil Spencer the opening, saying, “We’ve got a lot of work on it, and it’s no use Microsoft keeping the game in its current form, so we’d like to do something about it (laughs ). Phil! Let’s do it together! ”

Whatever comes of this remains to be seen, but there is little doubt that there is any shortage of interest in Scaleboundand if Platinum and Xbox were indeed partnering up again to make the project of reality, they’d have kids looking forward to it.

For now, PlatinumGames is working on Babylon’s Fall and Bayonetta 3– and it seems like the company will be shifting its focus to live service development going forward. Read more on that through here.

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