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Nioh 2 Crosses 2.5 Million in Worldwide Shipments and Digital Sales

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Roughly two years after its initial launch, Team Ninja’s Nioh 2 continues to perform well. Publisher Koei Tecmo announced on Twitter that worldwide shipments and digital sales have crossed 2.5 million units thus far. It last reported two million digital sales and shipments in April 2021.

Nioh 2 is a follow-up to the original (though some parts take place before the first game’s story). It sees a new protagonist Hide who is half-yokai. While venturing across Sengoku Era Japan and hunts yokai, he constantly crosses paths with the antagonistic Kashin Koji.

Along with the same hack and slash combat as its predecessor, Nioh 2 introduces new Yokai Forms along with the Burst Counter for creating openings. DLC packs are off. For more details on the base game, check out our review here. You can also learn more about The Nioh Collection on PS5, which includes remasters of Nioh 1 and 2here.

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