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Sifu Crosses 500,000 Sales in Three Days

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Sloclap’s action beat ’em up Sifu has sold over half a million units since its launch on February 8th. Announced by the game’s official Twitter, it managed to achieve this number within just three days.

The story focuses on an unnamed martial artist who’s master, along with all the students in their martial arts school, were slaughtered by five assassins. Surviving thanks to a magical talisman, the protagonist embarks on a journey of vengeance, taking out each target one by one. Whenever the player falls, they can use the talisman to revive but at the cost of aging a certain amount.

The combat is comparable to Sloclap’s previous title Absolver with dodges, parries, and light and heavy attacks. While it focuses on set combos, players can unlock new techniques and upgrades throughout their quest. Sifu Available for PS4, PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store – check out our review here for more details.

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