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Battlefield 2042’s launch has been a bit of a disaster, and its lack of vital features, it’s lacking in the state’s many features, it was hoped it would be in. The fact that there have been multiple delays has not exactly helped matters either, and it has become clear that the EA and DICE have recognized that the launch failed and the issues in the game.

The road to recovery is obviously going to be a long one, and there’s no telling the shooter will ever fully get to where it needs to be, but DICE is definitely going to take a shot at making it happen. In a recent, lengthy blog updatethe developer has issues with the game’s maps, identified several core areas that have been assigned to those issues, and committed not only to taking into account future maps, but also to going back and altering those that already exist in the game.

The key core areas that DICE has identified as being problematic with Battlefield 2042’s maps are traversal, brought about by how big the maps are and how long it takes to get from place to place; intensity, and how chaotic things can get when players are pushing for objectives; line of sight, and how often players can get shot at distant enemies; paths, which are either not properly defined or lean into the aforementioned chaos all too often; and cover, which is sorely lacking in key areas in many maps.

DICE says that improvements to current and future maps will be made based on these parameters- though you shouldn’t expect the game’s current roster of maps to be updated simultaneously. DICE says that these updates will take time, and Kaleidoscope (in both Conquest and Breakthrough) will be the map they focus on first, with fixes for it coming with season one.

” writes.

“We’ve already established some healthier behaviors that are already in development for the game, but we’ll be focusing on the old maps with the focus on the maps.

“Our immediate priority areas are to improve Kaleidoscope on both Conquest, and Breakthrough. We know that we have the most opportunity to improve gameplay on this map, and this is where you can expect the first updates to land. We are currently planning to deliver updates specifically to Kaleidoscope during Season One, and your feedback will only help us to improve this map, but we need to know how to improve our maps. next. ”

As for future maps, DICE says that they are going to be monitored.

“The blog update reads. “So you can expect future maps to be smaller than most of our release maps. This also means we are reviewing a possible reduction in the number of Sectors and total Capture Points per map when playing at 128 players. We’re also thinking about changing the shape of the maps to give them more sense of direction. We feel that this is a commonplace battlefield, to a rectangular shape most commonly used in some of our older entries in the franchise with better incentivize pushing forward versus circling out sideways. We feel that this can help focus areas of combat, enable you to have more awareness, and reduce opportunities for enemy fire.

“Breakthrough, as well as the types and number of vehicles that can be used on specific maps. For example, Jets on Kaleidoscope if that is our smallest map? It’s important to note that our focus is not on improving your gameplay experience. Above all, you want to have a fun no matter which map you’re on. ”

Season one is expected to kick off in the summer, so you can expect changes to Kaleidoscope to arrive then, though a specific launch date for the same is still unknown.

Battlefield 2042 available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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