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Battle 12 bosses in one continuous order, eliminate as many as possible in 5 minutes or try to conquer them all without taking any damage.

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MercurySteam has released a new update for Metroid Dread, provides three new modes for fans to challenge themselves with. Boss Rush, as the name indicates, is about fighting bosses in one continuous order. There are 12 in total with damage carrying over between fights (though ammo is restored in between).

If you’re having trouble with any particular boss, then it’s possible to fight them solo in “Practice” mode. Survival Rush is a time trial-esque mode where the player competes to eliminate as many bosses as possible in five minutes. Damage received and ammo spent over between fights but you will receive a bonus time after defeating a boss (which can increase if no damage is taken).

Finally, Dread Rush is usually Boss Rush mode but one-hit kill rules. Take a single hit and it’s game over. Once again, it’s possible to take on bosses from Dread Rush, one-on-one, in “Practice” mode. Boss Rush is unlocked upon completing the game while Survival Rush requires completing Boss Rush or Dread Rush. Dread Rush is unlocked by finishing the game on Dread Mode.

Check out the full patch notes below for more details. Metroid Dread available for Nintendo Switch – read our official review here.

Update Ver. 2.1.0

New Modes Added

  • Three different boss rush modes have been added to the game. Press the R Button on the “Samus Files” screen to move to the Boss Rush selection screen.

Boss Rush

  • A mode where players fight 12 continuous boss battles, and aim for the best time.
  • Any damage received in the next fight. Weapons are fully-restored between battles.
  • If Samus is defeated, players may select “Retry” from the beginning of the battle they lost. There is, however, a time penalty for being defeated.
  • Bosses fought in Boss Rush by selecting “Practice”.
    * Unlocked by clearing the main game a single time. (In the event that the player has completed the game before the update was released, they will be able to play Boss Rush immediately after updating).

Survival Rush

  • A mode where players see how many bosses they can defeat within the 5 minute time limit.
  • Any damage received, or weapons spent, carried over into the next battle. Samus being defeated will result in a game over.
  • Defeating a boss will add a fixed amount of time to the countdown clock. Defeat a boss without receiving any damage even more time bonus.
    * Survival Rush is unlocked by completing either Boss Rush or Dread Rush.

Dread Rush

  • The basic rules are the same as Boss Rush, but if Samus is hit by a boss, her energy drops to zero and she is defeated.
  • Bosses fought in Dread Rush by selecting “Practice”.
    * Unlocked by clearing the main game using Dread Mode. (In the event that Dread Mode has completed before the update was released, they will be able to play Dread Rush immediately after updating).

General Fixes

  • Fixed the error where the Game Over screen would not display properly when Samus takes damage and is defeated immediately after destroying a central unit.

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