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Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced that Splatoon 3 will be releasing on September 9th for the Nintendo Switch. From the top of this, it released new gameplay from the Turf War mode, which sees two teams of four players playing the entire battlefield with ink and eliminating each other.

Charger, which once again functions as a powerful sniper rifle. You’ll also have to travel across the battlefield by swimming in the ink, though it’s possible to grapple to certain spots as well. One of the cooler new weapons appears to be a tank that functions a lot like Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball (though it’s temporary).

Along with Turf War, Splatoon 3 also features the return of co-op PvE mode Salmon Run (now known as Salmon Run: The Next Wave) and a single-player campaign that sees the Mammalians re-emerge. Stay tuned for more details and gameplay in the coming months.


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