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Presumably Bangalore’s long-lost brother, Newcastle is a tank legend that plays around with shields and covers to provide defenses for his team.

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Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends will be starting its 13th season on May 10th, and the developer has just got a look at the latest addition to the game’s roster, Newcastle in a cinematic trailer. Check out the trailer down below.

Bangalore’s long-lost brother, Newcastle has an instantly recognizable Robocop-Esque look – thanks to the visors on the heavy armor that he dons. From the topic of capabilities, Newcastle uses shields to protect its teammates from all sorts of danger. He seems to allow the team to advance further into battle. More details about his role and abilities will pop up in the coming days, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

The trailer also showcases a collective fight against a giant crab, which is assuming to be a limited-time event for the next season. Apex Legendsupcoming season will also feature new and reworked Ranked system alongside many other changes and additions to the experience. Respawn Entertainment also announced that Apex Legends has crossed the 100 million player mark – read more on that through here.

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