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Square Enix’s 3D platformer Balan Wonderworld Sonji developer Yuji Naka helming the project was one of the worst. While Naka confirmed that Square Enix had a disastrous launch, it recently took to Twitter to reveal that it was already removed from the project a whole 6 months before the release of the game.

In a long Twitter thread written in Japanese, Naka explained that he had filed a lawsuit against Square Enix for his untimely removal from the project, and now that the proceedings are over, apparently banned by Square Enix from liking and sharing any posts on social media).

Naka says Square Enix knew about the rocky state of the game at launch, but went ahead and released it anyway. Developer Arzest submitted the game’s final build without fixing many bugs, even when Naka was pushing for additional polishing. On the removal of the project months before release, Naka also tried to negotiate with his business partners to allow him to fix issues until the game went public, sadly to no avail.

Naka also explained how Square Enix used rearranged music from a YouTuber for promotional purposes, instead of original tracks. It insists that fans are instantly drawn towards it. Furthermore, he also shared how the game’s producer continued to impose tight deadlines, to the detriment of the development team.

Naka Further

Here are the translated tweets (courtesy of Twitter user @ cheesemeister3k):


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