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According to a new report, the Switch’s FY 2022 sales are expected to be impacted by supply constraints and the persisting global semiconductor chip shortage.

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The global semiconductor shortage and supply constraints have been a hurdle for all hardware on the market for a couple of years at this point, and the effects of those issues are still very much felt. Nintendo, for instance, is reportedly looking at a dip in sales for the Switch brought about by the circumstances.

As per a report published by Nikkei, Nintendo is expecting a 10% dip in sales for the fiscal year 2022 for total sales of about 20 million in the period. That’s down from 23 million the previous year, which itself was down from over 28 million units the year before that.

According to the report, the continuing global semiconductor with Nintendo unable to produce as much of the hardware as it was originally set out to. In fact, according to the report, if the lockdown in Shanghai, China persists, sales for the fiscal year may even dip below 20 million.

Earlier this year, Nintendo reported that the Switch had sold over 103 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling home console to date, and its second-best selling gaming hardware, second only to the Nintendo DS.

According to president Shuntaro Furukawa, the Switch is still “just in the middle of its lifecycle”, so the Japanese company clearly expects its sales momentum to continue strongly for some time to come. How significantly that is impacted by persisting supply issues remains to be seen.

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