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Respawn Entertainment reveals new gameplay for the upcoming Season 13: Saviors, showcasing the new legend Newcastle, changes made to Storm Point, and more.

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With Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends’ thirteenth season right around the corner, the developers have been sharing more information about what is in store for the playerbase. Recently, they also revealed a new trailer gameplay for Season 13: Saviors.

The trailer starts giving us a peek at the newcomer Newcastle, the Hero of Harris Valley, and some of his unique abilities. Newcastle can deploy portable shields to protect downed squadmates, or use the oversized shield to protect the whole team.

In addition, the trailer also shows the map updates for Storm Point, the new IMC Armories that are found at different locations across the map, and the new battle pass cosmetics that are coming to the game. The Ranked mode is also getting reworked, but the trailer doesn’t go into detail on those changes.

You can check the gameplay trailer down below.

Respawn Entertainment has also confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will be releasing for iOS and Android worldwide sometime this month. Read more on that through here.

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