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In The NPD Group’s April 2022 report (via VentureBeat) for video game spending in the US, the Nintendo Switch was confirmed as the top-selling console. However, it’s achieved a far bigger milestone with its lifetime unit sales surpassing that of the PS4. This makes it the fourth highest unit-selling console in the region’s history along with the sixth highest unit-selling video game hardware overall.

Mat Piscatella, executive director and game industry advisor for The NPD Group, noted that “In the console segment, Switch unit sales trail only those of PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Wii.” Year-to-date, the Switch continues to beat the Xbox and PlayStation. While the Xbox Series X/S was the second best-selling console for April 2022 and year-to-date due to constrained PS5 supplies, the latter still won out in dollar sales. This is due to the average sales price of its consoles being higher, thus generating more revenue.

“PlayStation 5 led April in hardware dollar sales, trailed closely by Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Series has generated the highest hardware dollars of any platform year to date, followed by PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, ”said Piscatella. Dollar sales for video game hardware hit $ 343 million last month, which represents a 16 percent increase over last year. However, year-to-date spending was $ 1.5 billion, a nine percent drop.

In terms of software sales, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Elden Ring were the top sellers. Head here for more details.


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