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A a decade ago, the idea that single player games were gathering momentum in the industry, much to the dismay of some people, but thankfully, that would go on to be proven thoroughly wrong time and time again over the coming years. In the recent (and relatively recent) past, we have been treated to a cavalcade of games that have proven beyond a doubt that there is a huge market for single player experiences, but that they also tend to represent the medium at its very best. Here, we’re going to celebrate the success of such games that, in our view, stand head and shoulders above all others.


What can we say about it Breath of the Wild that hasn’t been said a million times before? It’s a game that simply cannot be praised enough. Reinventing any successful franchise is a monumental challenge, and that goes double for something as massive as The Legend of Zelda. And yet Breath of the Wild did it so well with such confidence that it is hard to believe that Nintendo has been making games of this kind for ages. But it’s not just its franchise that the game reinvented- it’s open world games as a whole.


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