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Blackbird Interactive’s Crossfire: Legion, based on Smilegate’s popular FPS franchise, goes into Steam Early Access on May 24th. The developer has announced that 24 more units and three commanders are added to the roster for a total of 45 units and six commanders. These include defense specialists, support, vehicles and much more – check them out in the trailer below.

The new faction commanders are Eclipse of Global Risk, Freefall of Black List and Viper of New Horizon. Each has their own unique skills that can accentuate different play-styles. With the early access launch, there will be several modes available like Act 1 of the Campaign, co-op, AI Skirmishes, and multiplayer modes like Payload and Versus across two maps.

The remaining Acts will be available throughout the early access development period along with a Replay system, Level Editor and community challenges. Crossfire: Legion is planned for release at Q4 2022 on PC so stay tuned for more details in the coming months.


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