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A new survey sent out by EA to select Battlefield 2042 players might have hints about the next major features making their way to the game. Reported by Reddit user Sailboat08the survey asks questions regarding opinions on the ability for players to rent persistent servers, and a spatial editor for the Battlefield Portal model, which would essentially allow players to change Battlefield 2042’s maps and game modes akin to Forge from the Hello franchise.

When asked by a player why the survey was sent only to a few players rather than Battlefield 2042’s player base at large, community manager Kevin Johnson responded that the surveys are unrelated to “Core Feedback”, which will always be held in a public forum for all players. Surveys like this one are meant for anonymous feedback, and are sent out by EA to random groupings of players.

It is worth noting that just because these features have been mentioned in this survey, that doesn’t mean that Battlefield 2042 is confirmed to be seeing these features down the line. Since the surveys have been sent out to a specific set of players, and the questions revolve around features that the community would always appreciate — for instance, the top comment on the survey’s Reddit post mentions that asking about whether players are interested in dedicated servers is pointless, since that has been one of the biggest requests from the community anyway — it is likely a way for EA to judge interest in prioritizing development of these features.

Battlefield 2042 has seen several criticisms since its release, but EA stated earlier this month that it plans to continue development on the game with a view towards the franchise’s future. There are also rumors that we could see a new Battlefield game released by 2024.


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