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Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has released a couple of new videos that showcase some of the development progress being made on Star Citizen and 42 Squadron. The first video, part of the “Star Citizen Oops, All Sprint Report series, talks about some of the new features being conceptualized and prototyped, while the second one is an in-depth live stream that shows off the creation of Derelict Outposts.

The Oops, All Sprint Report 3 video has an emphasis on upgrades to AI and NPC behavior. This includes new procedurally-generated take-off and landing paths taken by NPC-controlled ships to make them look more natural, randomized walking speeds for NPCs, and the ability for NPCs to detect players between players or other NPCs in order to avoid collision by walking around the conversation.

The video also showed new in-game gear, and the emphasis was placed on the practicality of the equipment on display, according to the video. We then get a demonstration of new types of cave systems, underwater flora, and the new interiors of a Corsair spaceship.

The wrap-up involves showing current progress on new vehicles, and a physical tease for laser-based weapons that can realistically burn through a ship’s outer plating. The video also points out that everything shows off concepts, and may not necessarily make their way into it Star Citizen or 42 Squadron.

At the time of publishing, Star Citizen has raised over $ 459 million in crowdfunding. Cloud Imperium Games Most recent gear up for its Invictus Launch Week, where the studio hopes to allow players to test-fly military vehicles for free. Invictus Launch Week is set to run from May 20, all the way up to May 31.

Star Citizen is yet to get a release date. We have more details on what’s going on with its development.


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