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Following the leak of images for an upcoming Silent Hill title (which were legitimate enough to warrant a DMCA takedown notice), some more details have begun to emerge on potential projects in the franchise. On Twitter, insider NateTheHate reported hearing about a Silent Hill 2 Remake and Bloober Team. This will apparently have reworked puzzles and new endings while being a “timed PlayStation console exclusive.”

That last part seems to imply that it could come to PC once the exclusivity period is up. However, it seems that there are multiple Silent Hill projects in the works, from a new mainline entry to side “stories”. The recently leaked project could fit into either category but it’s far too early to say. Take this all with a grain of salt – even Nate none of this “confirmed” and is only sharing “what I’ve heard.”

The last major rumors surrounding Silent Hill include the Sony-led project changing developers and Kojima Productions working on a title funded by Sony (which may or may not be the same games). Bloober Team did enter a strategic cooperation agreement last year but we’re yet to see anything from it. As always, stay tuned for more details and updates especially heading into this Summer’s pseudo-E3.


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