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Rune Factory 5 PC Listing Discovered on SteamDB, Potential Release on July 13th

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Hakama’s Rune Factory 5 had its long-awaited release in North America and Europe this past March for the Nintendo Switch with worldwide shipments and digital sales crossing 500,000 as of March 31st. While currently exclusive to Nintendo’s platform, it could be coming to PC as early as July.

A listing for Rune Factory 5 was recently discovered on SteamDB with July 13th as the Store API Release Date. While the release date may not be accurate, the extensive history of the listing seems to indicate that it has been in the works for a while. The official announcement is still pending so stay tuned but consider that Rune Factory 4 Special came to PC (and previous-gen platforms), this wouldn’t be completely out of left field.

Rune Factory 5 takes place in a brand-new town where the amnesiac protagonist joins the peace-keeping force SEED. Interacting with various residents, taking different requests like mining and farming, and celebrating different festivals are all part of the farming sim. At times, you will also embark on expeditions to fight monsters with 12 different companions available to choose from. For more details on the story and gameplay, head here.

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