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Sony has explained that PS Plus subscribers who had bought their subscriptions at discounted prices were being charged more for upgrading their subscription to the new tiers due to a technical error. The company made the announcement over on its Ask PlayStation Twitter account, and stated that the error has been fixed, and those impacted by the issue will be given a credit.

The announcement comes in the light of several users complaining that they were being charged extra if their PS Plus subscriptions were bought at discounts. Users on the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation 5 subreddits had been quite vocal in their complaints about Sony disregarding their discounted purchases.

Sony launched its new tiered PlayStation Plus subscriptions earlier this week in select Asian markets, with other launches in other regions set for the coming days. The new service now comes in three tiers: PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Deluxe/Premium.

The highest tier of the service brings in a host of classic games from the PlayStation, PS2, and PSP. Areas that have access to PlayStation’s cloud streaming can also use the service to play PS3 games through streaming.


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