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Instead of taking damage with every action while afflicted, Bleed will now build up and cause one instance of extra damage on the next hit.

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Bleed damage in Monster Hunter World has always been very straightforward. When afflicted, players take damage when performing actions like moving, attacking and dodging. Each of these inflicts different amounts of damage at different intervals. While Bleed was dropped from Monster Hunter Rise, it seems it will be returning in Sunbreak.

There are some changes though. Director Yoshitake Suzuki revealed on Twitter that the system has been “slightly altered.” “When Bleeding, actions performed will fill up the Bleeding Buildup Gauge, translating to one instance of extra damage inflicted when you’re hit with an attack. Crouching removes this effect. ”

So instead of taking damage every second, you’re building up to the Bleed status. Once full, the next attack will also result in a single instance of additional damage. If this sounds like something out of Elden Ring but not in the player’s favor, then you’d be correct. Whether this will be better or worse than the old system remains to be seen.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out on June 30th for PC and Nintendo Switch. For more details on its new content, including the new monsters, Skill Skill Swap and Followers, head here.

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