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Saints Row Boss Factory Out on June 9th, Offers Character Customization and Importing Into Full Game – Rumor

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Volition’s Saints Row is out on August 23rd and offers tons of customization, which the developer considers to be the best available. For those who can’t wait to start creating their version of the Boss, there’s good news. Sources revealed to insider Tom Henderson (via Exputer) Boss Factory was announced at the Summer Game Fest and released on June 9th.

This essentially allows for creating one’s own protagonist before the full game’s release and then importing them at launch. A trailer that will showcase all of the different options (including asymmetrical face customization). You can even use a unique share code for characters, allowing others to download them. This works across all platforms, so PC players can use share codes created on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

If you weren’t enough, you can vote for the most popular designs. A Saints Row profile on the main site Marshall Defense Technologies Rocket Launcher and two DJ helmets are required for both Boss Factory and the full game. Henderson also noted playtesters enjoying the game, calling it “wacky, hectic, but also has a lot of depth.” Reportedly, both new and old fans will enjoy the game.

Saints Row is out on August 9th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details in the mentime.

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