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Evidence continues to mount for the action RPG/farming sim coming to PC. A recent SteamDB listing previously indicated a July 13th release.

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A “Rune Factory Series Outfits Set”DLC listing for Hakama’s Rune Factory 5 was recently found on Steam courtesy of Reddit user cloudsheep0. Though the listing has apparently been hidden, several images for the same can be seen via the above link. The user also noted a release date for July 13th on the page, which lines up with the SteamDB listing discovered a few weeks ago.

Considering how Rune Factory 4 Special arrived last December for PC via Steam, this is perhaps unsurprising. The PC Gaming Show is also coming up on June 12th so a formal announcement could be made there. Stay tuned for more details in the mentime.

Rune Factory 5 was released this past March for the Nintendo Switch in North America after a significant delay. It sees the player venturing into a new town and joining SEED, a peace-keeping force, and assisting residents with various tasks. Along with farming, fishing, and venturing into dungeons to fight monsters, players can also build relationships with 12 different companions. As of March 31st, the title has shipped 500,000 units worldwide since its May 2021 release in Japan.

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