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Watch Amicia and Hugo dispense their enemies, whether by stealth or using the fearsome plague rats. The title is still slated for 2022.

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Fresh off its appearance at the Tribeca Games Showcase, Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale: Requiem received a new gameplay trailer at the Xbox-Bethesda Showcase. It showcases more combat with Amicia seemingly embracing her violent side, slaying soldiers left and right. Check it out below.

Along with striking stealth with a knife and crossbow, Amicia can also push enemies into a pile of rats to brutally kill them. Hugo’s powers can be used to ravage enemies. When channeled, the player’s perspective shifts to the rats as they bear down on their target. It’s a disturbing new twist but also very cool.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is coming to Xbox Series X / S, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch (via the cloud) along with launch day one on Xbox Game Pass (for consoles, PC and cloud). It’s still coming in 2022 with a release date yet. Stay tuned for more updates in the mentime.

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