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How To Build Perfect Snowboys And Get Frozen DIY Recipes

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Build Perfect Snowboy And Get Frozen DIY Recipes

Here are some tips to help you build perfect snowboys and learn all the new DIY recipes for frozen furniture.

Winter has begun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For the next few weeks, players who have Northern Hemisphere islands will find their towns blanketed with snow, which means they can now catch snowflakes, make festive decorations, and build snowboys. That’s not all; with the arrival of snowboys come new wintry DIY recipes to learn and craft.

These DIY recipes will teach you how to build various pieces of frozen furniture. To get them, however, you’ll need to build a perfect snowboy, which can be a little tricky if you’re not already well versed in the delicate art of snow craftsmanship. If you find yourself in that camp, we’ve put together some tips to help you build perfect snowboys and collect all the frozen DIY recipes below.

How To Build A Perfect Snowboy

Two snowballs will appear around your island each day throughout winter, and you’ll need to carefully roll them up and combine them to make a snowboy. All you need to do is walk into the snowballs to start rolling them, but you’ll need to take care while doing so, particularly at the beginning; the snowballs will initially be too small to roll by hand, so your character will kick them around a couple of times to pack more snow on.

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You’ll need to be careful when you’re kicking the snowball; if you kick it into another object or the river, it’ll break, and you’ll need to enter and exit a building to force another one to spawn. After about a dozen kicks, you’ll start rolling the snowball up by hand. You’ll want to roll the first ball up until it’s just taller than your character’s body, as you can see below.

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Once you’ve completed the snowboy’s body, repeat the process with the second snowball. Since this one will serve as the snowboy’s head, it should be a little larger than your character’s head and a bit smaller than the first snowball. You can see a size comparison below.

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Once the second snowball is the right size, roll it into the first and your snowboy will spring to life. You’ll know immediately if you made the snowboy correctly, as he’ll mention how perfect he is and compliment you on your craftsmanship if you did it right. (If you messed up, the snowboy also won’t be shy about voicing his displeasure.)

If you want to ensure you make a perfect snowboy each time, there’s an easy method to measure the snowballs exactly. First, use the Island Designer app and pave a pathway that’s 10 spaces long horizontally. After that, roll both snowballs to their maximum sizes and place each one at opposite ends of the pathway. Finally, roll one of the snowballs over the pathway and into the other ball. Since snowballs shrink as you roll them over paved surfaces, the ball will be the perfect size once you’ve rolled it all the way across the pathway.

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As a reward for sculpting him perfectly, the snowboy will give you a large snowflake and a DIY recipe for a piece of ice furniture. The snowboy will gradually melt over the next few days, but he’ll give you another large snowflake each day while he’s still around. Unlike regular snowflakes, which you can find around town and catch with your net, you can only obtain large snowflakes from snowboys, so remember to talk to them each day.


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Snowboy DIY Recipes

There are 15 snow boy DIY recipes in total. Each requires at least one large snowflake and a handful of standard-sized ones to craft, so catch every snowflake you see floating around your island to ensure you have enough materials. You can see the full list of snowboy DIY recipes below:

  • Snowperson Head
  • Three-tiered Snowperson
  • Frozen Arch
  • Frozen Bed
  • Frozen Chair
  • Frozen Counter
  • Frozen Partition
  • Frozen Pillar
  • Frozen Sculpture
  • Frozen Table
  • Frozen Tree
  • Frozen-treat Set
  • Ice Flooring
  • Ice Wall
  • Ice Wand
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