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Nexon has released the 16th character trailer for DNF Duel, showcasing the final member of the fighting game’s launch roster. It’s the Lost Warrior, the Transcended who can manipulate time and space. Check out his moves below.

The Lost Warrior is a sword-user but relies heavily on portals, gravity manipulation and spacial distortion in battle. Some moves include switching places with an opponent and slashing them, launching attacks out of portals, and so on. His Super consists of manipulating gravity to throw enemies into the environment before unleashing a blast of energy.

It seems the Lost Warrior could be the final boss who players must defeat to unlock him for regular play. DNF Duel launches on June 28th for PS4, PS5 and PC so it won’t be long before his full potential is showcased. In the meantime, check out some other recently revealed fighters like Troubleshooter, Launcher, Swift Master, and Enchantress.


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