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Those looking forward to Splatoon 3 will be hoping for a big gameplay blowout in the coming weeks similar to what we just got for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but until such time as that happens, Nintendo has every few details every now and then. Nintendo has been speaking about the upcoming shooter quite a bit- and one of the things that the company has previously mentioned are the improvements that have been made in the game’s multiplayer component.

That honestly isn’t a very high bar, given how restrictive customization was in previous Splatoon games, but Splatoon 3 does not seem to be offering a much more expansive set of options without appearing. Some ofthis recently got shown off, with Nintendo taking to Twitter to show off four new hairstyles that players will be able to select for their Inklings. There’s a decent variety on offer, judging by these four, so hopefully that will extend to other customization options as well. Check it out below.

Splatoon 3 is due out for the Nintendo Switch on September 9.


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