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Chernobylite has gotten its latest second season update. Dubbed Red Trees, the update is stated by the developers to be the largest content drop for Chernobylite yet. The update has gotten its own trailer. Check it out below.

As part of the Red Trees update, Chernobylite now has a new VR set in Igor’s base. The VR set allows players to play a game within the game. Inside the VR set, Igor will get to explore arenas of a fractal world, featuring randomly generated weapons, skills, and enemies.

The new mode appears as a roguelite mode for Chernobylite, as dying in the new game mode returns to the main game’s world while keeping all the experience points earned in the VR set. Relations with characters improved in the VR set also transfer over into the main story of Chernobylite.

Aside from the VR set, Chernobylite is also getting 6 new story missions. The Red Trees Pack is available on PC for $ 3.99.


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