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It was previously reported that players discovered reaching the end of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Many players would experience a crash when landing on the planet of Onderon, and Aspyr has offered a rather unconventional workaround for this problem.

In the official support page for the game, Aspyr suggests players resort to cheats for bypassing the cutscene which seems to be causing the crash. To do so, players need to triple-click the left thumbstick which will open up the cheats menu, and then select warp to OND504 to reach Onderon. The developer also warns players to not head toward the merchant quarter, since that could also lead to a game crash.

“To do so, triple click the left thumbstick, open the cheats menu, select warp, and warp to OND504. Make sure not to head to the merchant quarter, as your game will crash, ”the support page reads.

The developer will be addressing this issue in an official capacity with an upcoming patch, though no details on when to arrive at this point.


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