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NeoCore Games has released the first batch of free seasonal content for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Dubbed The Chained Godthe free update adds quite a bit of story content, along with a bunch of optimizations for the game.

In The Chained God, players play as the Fomorians — the giants of Avalon and the main enemy faction of the Knights of the Round Table. The update adds a new series of short story missions.

Alongside the story content, the update also massively reduces the installation size for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Originally weighing in at around 120GB according to Steam, the installation now sits at 39GB.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based tactical game with an emphasis on storytelling. It is a modern retelling of a classic Arthurian myth, re-imagined through the lens of dark fantasy.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available at a 35% discount on Steam. There will also be releases on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S at a later date.


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