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Metroid Prime 2 and 3 are also reportedly coming later, though it’s Metroid Prime which is getting the “big remaster treatment” as per Jeff Grubb.

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Nintendo is hosting a Direct Mini tomorrow for third-party titles coming to the Switch. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t happening in the first-party department. After a year of rumors, it seems the Metroid Prime remaster will release this Holiday season.

From Giant Bomb’s latest episode of Game Mess MorningsJeff Grubb revealed that he heard “pretty definitively” that Metroid Prime remaster would be one of Nintendo’s “big Holiday games.” “In the past, this is something I heard in the works. They have things happening with that game… Now, it’s like, I’ve been told that their plans are to release that game this Holiday. ” This is “almost certainly” to line up with Metroid Prime’s 20th anniversary in November.

What about Metroid Prime 2 and 3? Grubb they said that they would release it separately. Furthermore, while Metroid Prime is getting the “big remaster treatment” (as per his understanding), Metroid Prime 2 and 3 will have updated controls but not quite the same overhaul. We’ll have to wait for more details but for now, it seems that Metroid Prime ‘s remaster is the big one to look forward to.

In the mentime, Retro Studios is also working on Metroid Prime 4 with producer Kensuke Tanabe at the helm. Development restarted under the studio in early 2019 but there have been no further updates. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an update when Metroid Prime’s remaster is announced. Stay tuned in the mentime.

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