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Harvestella Announced by Square Enix – Life Sim RPG Releases on November 4th

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In the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Square Enix announced a brand new life simulation RPG. It’s called Harvestella and launches on November 4th worldwide for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Check out her announcement trailer below.

The story sees the player awakening during the Quietus. This is a period of calamity that occurs when the seasons change. For some strange reason, its duration is increasing each year. As for the player, they’ll explore the world to gather the Seaslight, visiting towns like the blossom-filled cherry Nemea Town to the beautiful Lethe Village and its four seasons.

Along with growing vegetables and crops for selling or using crafting material, one can prepare recipes for increasing stats. There are also different animals to take care of, Companions to bond with, and real-time combat with various Jobs like Fighter, Mage, and Shadow Walker.

Harvestella looks like a cross between Bravely Default’s aesthetic and Job system with Harvest Moon’s life sim elements. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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