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Apex Legends Easter Egg Discovered in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

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Apex Legends Easter Egg Discovered in Medal of Honor

It is not unusual for video game developers to reference the other work of theirs on a whole new project. For instance, CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 includes The Witcher Easter eggs, and references to Blizzard Entertainment’s team based shooter Over watch can be discovered in its MMORPG World of Warcraft. One particular Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond player recently determined an Easter egg with a long history for developer Respawn Entertainment.

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Open Sesame and Reddit

Reddit user Leopard Turret uploaded a video to the apex legends subreddit Tuesday that shows players how to find a Nessie plush in the “epic AAA” VR title set during World War two. The player initially throws a knife at a dart board in an office, and then moves over to a nearby typewriter. They type “Open Sesame,” and a suitcase could be heard unlocking in the background. Within the suitcase are actually a handful of items: An award plaque, a helmet, a few children’s books, and a Nessie plush as seen with Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon Easter egg.

تحديث ضخم قادم للعبة Apex Legends خلال أيام - إيسبورتس ميدل ايست


Nessie, a short hand for the Scottish cryptid Loch Ness Monster, is actually referenced a number of times by the developer going back to its 2014 first person shooter Titanfall. In Titanfall two, players had the ability to come across a secret shrine to Nessie, and in Apex Legends a series of plushies were hidden across the Kings Canyon map which would summon an enormous Loch Ness Monster from the ocean when shot. Today, that plush can be found as well as played with in VR.

Nessie has become something of an icon for Respawn Entertainment due to how frequently the cryptid shows up in its games. This November the official Apex Legends Twitter account advertised pre orders for a real world  Nessie plush created by Jakks Pacific, but they all sold out in just more than 2 hours.

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 Nessie in Apex Legends Season 7

Fortunately for fans of Nessie, it doesn’t appear the pseudo mascot is actually going away anytime soon. While Nessie plushies were previously found on maps as Kings Canyon, Respawn Entertainment also included Nessie in Apex Legends Season 7′s map, Olympus. The appearance of its in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond suggests the long running tradition is far from over.

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Once-Over :Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Respawn Entertainment’s newest release hasn’t been met with the sort of}widespread acclaim as the ongoing battle royal of its, Apex Legends. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond developers are actually working on fixing bugs in the historically focused VR first person shooter, which should hopefully make fans feel far more apt to hunt for any more hidden Easter eggs, or even merely view the World War {2|two} documentary interviews included with the game.

Medal of Honor Video Games - Official EA Site

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is actually available now on PC.

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