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New Dragon Age Comic Brings Back Fenris

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New Dragon Age Comic Brings Back Fenris

Dragon Age four likely is not coming for some time yet, but there is still plenty of ways to be associated with the franchise. For instance, BioWare has recently partnered with Dark Horse comics to announce Dragon Age: Dark Fortress.

The latest comic stars the returning character Fenris and takes place after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Story details are actually sparse, but the plot is going to involve Fenris teaming up with Inquisition agents to infiltrate the titular fortress.

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Blue Wraith

Fans last saw Fenris in Dragon Age: Blue Wraith, where he and his team foiled a plot to create an army of Red Lyrism super soldiers, and it ended on a very big cliffhanger, so Dark Fortress will likely continue where that series left off. What waits inside and how the new comic fits into Dragon Age’s franchise wide narrative has yet to be seen, so fans will simply have to be patient until the first issue drops at the end of March 2021.

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Dragon Age: Dark Fortress

Dragon Age: Dark Fortress is actually the work of Nunzio DeFilippis, Fernando Heinz Furukawa, Michael Atiya, and Christina Weir. This’s the same team that worked on Blue Wraith, which is actually a solid warning of what to expect from the brand new series, and each issue will feature cover art designed by Schain Teng, another familiar name to Blue Wraith fans.

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The passion in Dragon Age community

This is not Fenris’ first rodeo in the comics, but he has only played the one important role in Dragon Age two, not appearing in another video game. While not unanimously beloved within the fandom, he nevertheless has a passionate following in the Dragon Age community, and it’s not surprising that such a popular character will keep finding the way of his back into the series.

And fans could need to read closely, as BioWare has made of habit of using other media to foreshadow events in the Dragon Age games. For instance, the novel Dragon Age: The Calling introduced characters which are important and concepts that appeared in the Dragon Age: Origin’s Awakening expansion. The books Asunder and The Masked Empire played a similar role for Dragon Age: Inquisition. With Dragon Age four, or perhaps whatever BioWare ends up calling it, taking place in the Tevinter Imperium, it would not be surprising if players had to deal with the fallout of whatever Fenris gets up to in Fortress that is Fortress which is Dark}.

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This appears to bode well for anyone intending to see Fenris return in Dragon Age four. If this comes true, nevertheless, he’ll probably be relegated to a cameo. All things considered, Fenris is actually dead in many people’s playthroughs.

The first issue of Dragon Age: Dark Fortress releases on March thirty one, 2021.

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